Sunday, September 28, 2008

Most Delicious Pies

Apple Pie
Those who feel that the apple pie deserves top spot on this list are dead wrong as it just barely found a place for being universally known and appreciated. Pie historians will tell you that the apple pie was first prepared in Europe in the 1300's during one of the many "Let's find ways to make apples tolerable" Festivals.

Pecan Pie
Famous for being the pie that won World War II, the Pecan Pie is rich in anti-nutrients, and has the a chemical composition that tricks the brain into thinking that it's just had sex with a giant pecan.

Pumpkin Pie
When served warm with a dollop of whip cream, this pie induces euphoria in the eater, and has been known to cause them to scream and/or win the lottery.

Sugar Pie
One of the finest of open-top pies, this divine concoction is a punch directly to your sweet zone. Oscar Wilde once famously said "Be there a greater experience than that of dining on a pie of sugar, I think not. And anyone thinking otherwise shall have to answer to me. I would likely slap them about the groin with a glove filled with nails."

Lemon Meringue Pie
After 400 years of eating Meringue pies, a man by the name of Eric Lancaster decided to add another ingredient to the pastry, and so the Spaghetti Meringue Pie was born and Lancaster was hung on April 16th, 1880. His brother, Buster, modified the unholy recipe and then the Lemon Meringue was born. Hailed by all as the greatest of pies, except for stupid people who don't like lemon flavuoured things.

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Cole D'Arc said...

i'm not the pie fan you. and not just because i don't like them as much. i despise lemon merangue and can't believe my fave, Coconut Creme, isn't on this list. for shame.