Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best Stand-up Comedy Specials

Vicious Circle (2006)- Dane Cook
Cook talks about relationships, breaking into a stranger's house, having a one night stand, going to the movies, and a ton of other hilarious stuff in his direct and quirky way.

Skanks for the Memories (2003) - Dave Attell
This comedy album contains just about every single great bit from the mind of Dave Attell. It's dark comedy and random as hell, each joke starting tame and then exploding like an obscene firework. You're either going to be offended or keeling over with laughter.

XXL Tour (2005) - Lee Evans
A show where Evans talks about ... well, everything. A two hour affair where Evans is a nonstop blur of physical comedy energy. I'm pretty sure he sweats the equivalent of his weight. Also, he wraps up the show with two musical numbers he wrote, revealing that this crazy bastard can also really sing.

I Walked on the Moon (2004) - Brian Regan
If you don't know this guy, stop reading this and track down some of his work. Regan preforms amazingly constructed bits on everyday topics, where every sentence is quotable and each expression on his face is hilarious. The first time I watched this show I nearly suffered liver failure I was laughing so hard.

Jammin' in New York (1992) - George Carlin
Yeah, I really couldn't get around giving Carlin the top spot. He talks about war, airlines, his solution for homelessness, and the state of the planet. The material is hilarious and thought-provoking - it's a comedy legend at his best.

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