Sunday, October 19, 2008

Most Hilarious Quotes From Batman: The Movie (1966)

Let the Drunks Die
Robin: "You risked your life to save that riffraff in the bar?"
Batman: "They may be drinkers, Robin, but they're also human beings ... and may be salvaged(?)"

Saved By a Dolphin
Robin: "Gosh Batman, the nobility of the almost human porpoise."
Batman: "True, Robin. It was noble of that animal to hurl himself in the path of that final torpedo. He gave his life for ours!"

Solving the Riddle
Robin: "That crazy missile! It wrote two more riddles before it blew up!"
Batman: [reading] "'What goes up white and comes down yellow and white?'"
Robin: An egg!
Batman: [reading] "'How do you divide seventeen apples among sixteen people?'"
Robin: "Make apple sauce!"
Batman: "Apples into applesauce - A unification into one smooth mixture. An egg - nature's perfect container. The container of all our hopes for the future."
Robin: "A unification and a container of hope? United World Organization!"
Batman: "Precisely, Robin!"

The 'F' Bomb
Riddler: "You think you're pretty clever don't you, Mr. Wayne?"
Wayne: "Clever enough to outwit you, you stupid @*%$!"

Note: In this scene Bruce Wayne does not use the 'f' word, but actually says 'you stupid thug'. However! It sounds so much like he is swearing at the Riddler that it had to be included on this list. The first time I watched it, I almost died laughing. Check it for yourself and be the judge.

Quench It!
Penguin: "I must say that your laboratory exceeds the limits of man's wildest imaginations ... absolutely. And could I trouble you for a glass of water? Your bat gas seems to have left me with a somewhat parched sensation."
Batman: "Over there! The drinking water dispenser is clearing marked."
Penguin: "Thank you. Thank you, sir."
Batman: "Help yourself, Commodore. Slake your thirst. You'll have worse than a parched sensation when we're through with you!"


Very McToaster said...

Some days you just can't get ris of a bomb.

Cole D'Arc said...

i totally forgot about the apparent f-word at Penguin. ah, i'm laughing now. i remember watching that at King's and going, "WHAT did he say?!?!"