Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Songs that use the word "Yeah" a lot

She Loves You - The Beatles
A group that always pushed the musical boundaries in exciting ways, their song used the word a whole 29 times. A few more and they would have exceeded the 30 'yeah' limit enforced at the time on all songs and faced going to jail.

Lithium - Nirvana
Although not an astounding amount of 'yeahs', this song was able to fit in 39 of them. Though, Kurt Cobain sang them from the gut and that should make each the equivalent of 2-3 normal 'yeahs'.

Man on the Moon - R.E.M.
A favorite song of many, this tune kept stacking yeah on top of yeah until a grand total of 56 was reached. Hats off to you, Mr. Stipe. Few artists have been able to sing more than 50 'yeahs' in a song without developing a stutter.

Yeah - Usher
In 2004, Usher released this single, hardly masking his intent to make a song with a shitload of 'yeahs' in it. The song managed a stunning 70 yeah count, and the nation was enthralled. However, scientists are still debating whether or not it qualifies as a music.

Man Research - Gorillaz
A song that puts all others to shame for even trying to use yeah excessively. This song has 164+ 'yeahs' in it, perhaps more if the singer had bothered to sing more clearly. The group had originally wanted to have more than 200 but during a debut performance, two members succumbed to yeahing-lung and were hospitalized.


Cole D'Arc said...

i have actually developed a quite serious case of yeah-lung but managed to survive. Paul McCartney donated some blood to the cause.

Shane said...

God Bless Paul, he's always using his power of rock for good.