Thursday, November 19, 2009

Movies Where Someone Gets Run Over By A Steamroller

5. Maximum Overdrive (1986)
In a world where machines have come to life and are rampaging there is no place to hide. Not even in an open baseball field. In the scene, a kid wipes out on his bike and suddenly a steamroller (with a mind of its own) bursts through a fence and crushes him like an adolescent crepe. When I first saw this scene it confirmed a suspicion I've had for years; steamrollers hate little league.

Did he make it? Heck no. That kid's weak frame was no match for pure steamroller power. Check it out for yourself here.

4. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
This movie cracked me up big time when I first watched it, and it still does today, because of great scenes like this one. When Austin and Miss Kensington make their escape from a research facility they use a steamroller to ride to freedom. Unfortunately a guard with no sense of self preservation gets in the way and shrieks "Noooooooooooo!" numerous times as the heroes roll slowly forward.

Did he make it? Nope. The guard (played by MadTV's Michael McDonald) was flattened despite having ample time and warning. The cherry on this gag is that Austin immediately stops the roller and gets off once the guard was killed. Check out the pancaking here.

3. The Naked Gun (1988)
The steamroller doesn't come in until the very end of this movie when the villain, Vincent Ludwig falls from a stadium and is then run over by a bus, a steamroller, and marching band. What a way to go. And even though the steamroller had to share the spotlight, it was still a great scene.

Did he make it? Uh...not a chance. As cartoonish as the Naked Gun movies can get, they know that 3rd degree steamrollings are fatal.

2. A Fish Called Wanda (1988)
What! Another comedy? Don't people understand the severity of steamroller accidents? Anyway, this movie is a great absurd comedy that reaches a strange conclusion when Ken (Michael Palin) seeks revenge against Otto (Kevin Kline) and goes after him with a steamroller. Otto laughs at the slow moving vehicle (the joke that Mike Myers later perfected) and then suddenly realizes that he's stuck in a patch of wet cement. After shooting at Ken and running out of bullets, Otto attempts to reason with him, but Ken only screams "Revenge!" as he runs him down. Let this be a lesson to anyone who eats another man's pet fish.

Did he make it? Surprisingly, yes. Instead of being turned into human flat-bread, Otto survives the ordeal and is simply pushed into the wet cement. Still, I wouldn't try it at home, kids. Not even with the supervision of Criss Angel.

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Before I talk about this one, I have to mention the crazy fact that the top three movies on this list are all from 1988. I think we can definitively call '88 the year of the steamroller.

And what a good year it was. This is one of my all time favorite movies, and it's easy to see why. When Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) and Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) face off in the Acme warehouse they end up using all manner of ridiculous weapons on each other. Eddie finds himself trapped against a barrel with a giant cartoon magnet and Doom attacks him with the only logical thing, say it with me, ... a steamroller. Long story short, the tables are turned and Doom finds himself in a sticky situation and getting slowly crushed by the steamroller. It's one of the darker scenes to be found in a family film. (Note: I couldn't find a picture from the scene, but I found a picture of that steamroller. It's the real star anyway)

Did he make it? Yes, indeed. Watch the movie to find out why, plus it's an awesome film and has the best scene of someone getting run over by a steamroller ever. As you can tell by this list, it was 80's trademark to have people getting creamed by giant mechanical rolling pins and I certainly don't see it enough nowadays. These days you're more likely to see someone get rickroll'd than steamrolled. And that's a shame.


Cole D'Arc said...

the late eighties was a time of great cinematic subtlety. i miss those days.

RyHo said...

If only some individual would just have the foresight to run someone over with a steamroller while playing "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

Comedy gold.

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